Joules’ Happy Books

I’m still trying to post about books that make me happier, or at least do not fill the innocent reader with doom and gloom. I have just received, as in, I know that they are in the house, but can’t rip into the package until my birthday, the Booker shortlist. I watched The Review Programme on Friday night with Birthday Son (19 today!) and must admit that they didn’t seem that jolly. Well, I have read The Long Song and that was overall quite positive, especially given the subject matter. Will post on that after birthday.

Back to my happy books. Well, an absolute superstar author in my view is PG Wodehouse.

And this is my current book. It is actually one on the Blandings books, which record the daft events at Blandings Castle, home of Lord Emsworth and his pampered prizewinning pig, the Empress of Blandings. Although  there are farcical misunderstandings, broken romances, attempted pig poisoning, I know that it will all end happily with even those suspicious characters only receiving their comeuppance with discomfort. Being a big fan of Jeeves and Wooster I usually watch the Fry and Laurie version when ever it appears on tv, if only because they were my (much older-ish) contemporaries Cambridge many, many years ago. Wodehouse books do not contain death, only minimal domestic destruction, and have some brilliantly funny characters. Not easy to convey in a few quotes, but worth reading the books for, even if the plot goes in for great complications. True romance always survives, and nobody ever goes seriously hungry or abandoned. Any Wodehouse book or collection of short stories will do: he produced ninety nine including a number concerning golf, which I have no knowledge or interest in, but have greatly enjoyed.

When reading other book blogs, including the brilliant www., they often ponder what makes a book readable when others seem unapproachable or just downright miserable.  I do read Jane Austen, Georgette H and others, but the real mood lifters are the Wodehouse books. I’ve probably got a few left to go….


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