Back to Work – with an old mystery…

So I’ve been away again with no online connection, and let my blog drift. Most unprofessional. Just when I had got a few people in the habit of looking at this bizarre mix of books as well. Still, jaunting done for a bit, so I hope to be a bit more dedicated to the cause.And maybe even do some more regular posts…

Still, Son Two behaving himself at University, and even doing some work. Have discovered a book token type card that I can top up in any bookshop and he can use at any bookshop to buy expensive textbooks. It means I can effectively buy him his books without being present, and he tells me that they don’t accept it in pubs….It also means that I have a top up card at home, whereas he has a matching piece of plastic in whichever Northern town he happens to be in…. the wonders of modern technology.Look it up under “Student Book Card” at . Thank you Daughter and her Bookshop Flatmate for the idea.

Anyway, lecture over. A book read while I was away

Patricia Wentworth was a contemporary of the Great Agatha, and like her often writes about an elderly woman detective. On the evidence of this novel The Traveller Returns by Patricia Wentworth these are less cosy murder mysteries, set during the Second World War. This novel features the mysterious Anne Jocelyn, believed killed in Occupied France, but now suddenly returned. Those closest to her are confused about her true identity, but secrets are disclosed that seem that only one answer is possible. It is only when Miss Silver, that redoubtable lady knitting away, encounters a doomed lady on a train that the stakes, already emotionally high, get even higher in an atmosphere of suspicion and distrust. Is Anne who she claims to be? Could she be an obscure cousin? A satisfactory conclusion seems elusive as Miss Silver tries to convince more than one person that murder with a cause has been committed.

This is a good, if a bit dated, murder mystery. Ideal for those who have read a lot of Christie (or watched it on the tv ) and want something a little more challenging in terms of plot and motive, but with the same sort of background. This is not a modern gory thriller, but well written and with some interesting twists. Easier to read than the Campion books (for hardcore historical mystery readers only, unless you watch the dvd box set with the lovely Peter Davidson in), but tougher than Christie, this is an ideal book for the roaring fire, chocolate/alcohol evening in. This book is probably best read in quite a short time, as it is pretty complex, unless you can keep everything in mind. A quick check on a certain website suggests that there are many of her books out there which can be acquired quite cheaply. But don’t blame me if you get hooked…


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