Persephone Books

Today’s post is about one of my obsessions; Persephone Books. I really discovered them and their wonderful bookshop when spending time at Great Ormond Street Hospital, when I would wander in there for book retail therapy (is there any other kind?) I not only met the founder, Nicola Beauman, but was gently steered towards good reads.  Since then I have collected the entire output ( in the grey format – ninety in all) and have read the vast majority. I eagerly await each new book, and wish they could bring out more! I know they regularly run events and film showings in London, and happily receive notification of their offers. I even adopt their books in charity shops…

I have my own bookshelf of the books, as they look so good all together. I’ll try and get a photograph soon, when I’ve moved the chair and the piles of books in front of it.

I also intend to do a review of one of my latest reads, Persephone no. 85, High Wages by Dorothy Whipple, a really interesting and involving book. Watch this space, and wish me luck with my book moving.


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