A Book Quiz -by my own fair hand

Tonight I was in charge of the Books round in Son One’s Zebra Fish Quiz, raising money for the British Heart Foundation Mending Broken Hearts Appeal. No prizes I’m afraid, but by popular demand here it is. Answers on Tuesday.

Books Round

1.In which book is Miss Haversham ‘s revenge described?


2. Which author recently presented  a programme about literary Heroes, Lovers, Snobs and Villians?



3.Who created Lord Peter Wimsey?


4.Which famous sister was in Pursuit of Love, and found Love in a cold Climate?

5. Which famous author is having her own posthumous Booker Prize?


6.Which BBC drama series was partly based on “Mr Harrison’s Confessions” by Elizabeth Gaskell?


7.Which local author’s books about Detective Inspector Vera Stanhope are soon to be dramatised on tv?


8. She wrote South Riding. Who was she?


9.Who wrote about a Curious Incident that happened at Night?


10.She wanted a Room of her Own to write about Orlando and Mrs. Dalloway? Who was she?


No pictures, but it makes it more challenging!


One thought on “A Book Quiz -by my own fair hand

  1. 1) Great Expectations
    2) Sebastian Faulks
    3) Dorothy L. Sayers
    4) Nancy Mitford
    5) Beryl Bainbridge
    6) Cranford
    7) ?
    8)Winifred Holtby
    9) Mark Haddon
    10)Virginia Woolf

    🙂 So annoying about number 7. Hmph. More local fiction for me!

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