Bye bye Finkler – towards Fingersmith

Well, we had the Book group, and yes, we did decide that The Finkler Question (Howard Jacobson) was far from the most popular choice we have ever had. While the phrase “self indulgent”did occur, alongside “circular”, we did agree that it did suggest several interesting issues such as identity and the nature of Judaism.None of us enjoyed it, but I had at least finished it ( one of our number read it twice…such dedication) I admit that I hadn’t really noticed that it was in two parts; the first lighter and humourous, the second more sombre. I think we all struggled to like any of the characters, and really wondered why it had won the Man Booker. I think that Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel was a much better book.

For various reasons I must admit to not finishing this book yet, and will probably start again. But both book groups have rejected opportunities to read it, mainly on the basis of its sheer size. Maybe now that there are so many  paperback copies around we’ll have more chance. Will she write the second book soon, I wonder?

Next month we are discussing Alan Bennett’s  A Life like Other People’s. Not sure about this selection from one of Bennett’s autobiographical books which I have read.But we’ll see. Looking forward  much more to Sarah Waters Fingersmith. At least I know we have enough copies of these to go round with them both being World Book Night books!


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