Wandering to Wigtown – Bookshops!

Today, as part of a quick post Easter break, Husband and I wandered to Wigtown. (not so much wandered as drove rather a long way, to be honest) So, why rejoice? Well, Wigtown is Scotland’s official book town, so it obviously had to be inspected.Four bookshops later and I was beginning to get a little cross eyed with looking at books en masse -yes, even I can reach saturation point. We started at ReadingLasses, which is apparently the UK’s only surviving woman’s bookshop, or do you know better? I stepped across to this rather fine shop; some people have pointed out that it is amamzing how fast I can get to a book shop…

I’m not sure how many bookshops there are in the town (20?) because we didn’t manage to tour them all; some are a bit specialist, some are a bit inaccessible for your intrepid blogger, and one looked a bit deserted. I will have to do a count to see how many books I bought, but I think it was into double figures.

If you are or can be close it’s an interesting little town, the natives are friendly and it’s not so overwhelming as Hay on Wye. Mind you, it’s not the sort of place you would happen to be passing by…being in the extreme west of Scotland.


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