Crow Trap – so what did happen?

Crow Trap – Ann Cleeves.

Just a brief post about Crow Trap. Well, I had read the book carefully – but found that any resemblance between that and the tv version was by way of overlapping. Only one woman on the project rather than three, murder rather than suicide, etc. And they left out my favourite character! Having said that, the cast of characters in the book is long and the plot/s very complicated, so maybe this trimming was a good thing; or at least a virtue out of necessity.

Overall, it was a good programme, the setting was good, and the main police characters improving every week. Though why does Vera always have to go steaming to the rescue virtually single handed? It is beautifully acted, though.

Husband very pleased to be able to identify the church at the end. On even gives you a post and some photos!


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