The birth of a book, Slightly foxed, Dunn and book reviews

If you are a complete book person like what I am…

This should lead you to a lovely film about the making of a limited edition book, largely by hand. Even if you are unable to see the film, there is a fascinating article about The Slightly Foxed people, their quarterly Magazine and their beautiful little books. I actually opened my copy of this book which had just arrived; not cheap but it seems a potential investment!

I have posted before about how much I enjoy the review quarterly, if only because it is not all about new books that I must read, but about old favourites and those books that you may have heard of, but never actually got round to reading. Some books are frustratingly out of print, but often the  articles feature the sort of authors that have a few books still in print at the very least. This is one of the few literary endeavors where a long term addiction to the likes of Georgette Heyer is tolerated, if not openly encouraged.  There are also quirky pieces about books that you will never read, such as the instruction guide for a powerboat (!) but the article is so well written that it stands alone. This film is well worth watching; for all those for whom the ancient art of bookbinding is still interesting and those who just love real books. (Much as I like my kindle…)

And the Carola Dunn readathon goes on! I have just finished The Mourning Wedding

which is in the tradition of the country house mystery. A large family gathers for the wedding of Lucy, Daisy’s best friend, when the murder of a senior member of the guest list rather stops everything in its tracks. Daisy is again plunged into difficulty and danger when there is only a certain number of suspects for her husband Alec to investigate. Exactly who is to blame is kept well concealed until the end in the best tradition, and this is a restful read after doing battle with more challenging topics and authors. Not a great literary effort but interesting nonetheless. I must be halfway through the Dunn twenty by now, at least, and some are better than others, but I enjoy them anyway.

I am also watching the series My life in books on iplayer. A fascinating assortment of guests here, with some unusual books to say the least. I’m still not sure about Ann Robinson as the host, but I suppose she cannot be accused of any book bias as she seems far more interested in winding up some of the guests.  If it’s just a series of suggestions of people’s meaningful books you are interested in, and if you want to be certain that they have all been actually read by their proposer, try as a similar series is running there. I suppose it is an easier sell for tv to have celebrity book reviews, but sometimes I just wish there was a more “serious”programme available apart from the odd flash of brilliance on BBC4… Oh well, I can always watch a bit of bookbinding…


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