Moved and unpacked – so not so Northernreader!

There has been a dearth of posts on this blog, for which I’m feeling guilty. I have excuses, such as completing a TEFL course (proof positive that six months sounds a long time until you have to finish assignments and generally work out grammar) and moving to the Midlands! With only two adults this time it should have been easy, but sorting the contents of two four bedroom houses to get into one (admittedly big) four bedroom house was a bit of a challenge. Add in the logistical problems of two different moving days, a daughter’s graduation (Hello Doctor BB!) and general chaos and it’s perhaps not surprising that I have not managed to review any books here! Thanks to several wonderful friends and family it has all gone reasonably well. Though when my tame husband /vicar pointed out that I had arranged all my fiction books in my library but my clothes were still in boxes…

You can still catch up with so you can find out more gripping details. Meanwhile, later today I’m going to put some book reviews…because I’ve still been reading and finding some interesting local bookshops…


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