Knole -A Place with a Past, and now a bookshop!

I have been quiet recently on the posting front as we have been away for a few days in Kent, visiting places like Hampton Court where we heard a great lecture by Tracy Borman on the Private Lives of the Tutors. We acquired ( by some quick work on Northernvicar’s part,) a signed copy of her latest book

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Which I have started, and it is in her readable and informative style.

I also visited Sevenoakes, especially their wonderful independent bookshop where I did my own version of supermarket sweep in honour of my birthday the following day…which I’m very happy to report is wheelchair friendly and serves drinks and snacks to cheer the husband!

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Another great place …

Image result for sevenoaks bookshop


which is just across the road!

My other favourite place was Knole, an NT property and birthplace of Vita Sackville West. Having just read A House full of Daughters  and reviewed it  on this blog, I was keen to visit. The deer are tame, there is an accessible display and a tower to climb even in winter, and there are obviously extensive grounds. I also loved the Bookshop. Not a second hand one which is becoming common in many NT properties, but selling new books relating to the property (as Greenway has with the Agatha Christie books).

I succumbed  to three books here. Francis Partridge’s Love in Bloomsbury,   Robert Sackville – West’s Inheritance,  and in the week of a U.S election, Gail Maccoll and Carol Wallace’s To Marry an English Lord. The latter is very intriguing, with illustrations…

Image result for to marry an english lord book

I also returned to find two books to review. Despite all the choice, I am struggling to finish a book at the moment, but have started many…watch this space!


3 thoughts on “Knole -A Place with a Past, and now a bookshop!

  1. I’m a little obsessed with the Sackville-Wests and Nicolsons and didn’t have Inheritance on my wishlist, so thank you for mentioning that. I grew up near Knole and love it very much, although I love Sissinghurst slightly more.

    1. Have you read “A house full of Daughters” by Juliet Nicholson? I have reviewed it somewhere on northernreader. Lots to read about the Houses/Gardens as well as the ladies of the family.

      1. I haven’t read that one because I’ve got a horrible feeling I read somewhere that it has some animal cruelty in it and I’m not good with that. Which annoyed me, as I wanted the rest of the book!

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