Clayhanger by Arnold Bennett at Shiny New Books!

Today I am reviewing Clayhanger by Arnold Bennett and revealing Five Fascinating facts about him at Shiny New Books!

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In this edition of Shiny new books I review a reprint of Clayhanger as an immersive book of family  and one man’s progress through life in a Midlands industrial town. Five Fascinating Facts about Arnold Bennett also recalls some little gems I discovered on a recent visit to the Potteries museum in Stoke on Trent. If you are a Bargain Hunt or antique programme fan I would recommend it!

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I was fortunate enough to go when they had an exhibition about Arnold Bennett and his paintings, but their permanent exhibitions are very interesting and family friendly. They sold quite a range of his books in the shop, which is great as when I visit an author – associated site, I love being able to buy a book by that author. Of course, reading it takes a little longer!

Image result for Pretty lady bennett Here is one of that I bought. My review to follow… sometime.  Meanwhile, here is a link to an interesting site which I have not read in detail, but reviews this book in great depth!

I have also got a box of books from the wonderful Dean Street Press, so that I can study their backlist of Crime Classics! Look out for more (fictional, Golden Age) murder from the Vicarage!


2 thoughts on “Clayhanger by Arnold Bennett at Shiny New Books!

  1. I loved Clayhanger when I read it … two years ago. Oh no! I have These Twain on my Reading a Century project so I’d better get on with Hilda Lessways. I love the level of detail, of exactly how things are done. Must get to the potteries museum, too.

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