Furrowed Middlebrow – link to lists

If you follow Furrowed Middlebrow, you will have seen lots of details about the books brought out by Dean Street Press; brilliant reprints of books from the mid twentieth century that reflect so many things. My favourite is undoubtedly Bewildering Cares by Winifred Peck, a superb fictional tale of a Vicar’s wife in the Second World War. I have reviewed it on this blog under Winifred Peck on my Author list. There is also Frances Favell’s Chelsea Concerto  (also reviewed on this blog) which is an incredible account of wartime London; the people, the danger and the survival of the human spirit.

The wonderful Furrowed Middlebrow blog has been featuring lists of ‘Middlebrow’ books giving details, ranking and crucially details of books, listing publishers where in print (Hello Persephone!). In the event that lists, twentieth century books and the whole Middlebrow type of books appeal, why not look at the blog?










Hopefully that link will work for you! Otherwise, pop “Furrowed Middlebrow” into search.

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Furrowed Middlebrow – link to lists

  1. So glad you found the list interesting! The original lists gave huge amounts of detail about each book. I have yet to work out how many I have read… I hope you get some inspiration!

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