A Vera Brittain Booklist

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Testament of Youth, Vera Brittain


Letters from a Lost Generation, First World War Letters of Vera Brittain and Four Friends, edited by Alan Bishop and Mark Bostridge


Because You Died – Poetry and Prose of the First World War and After, Vera Brittain, edited and introduced by Mark Bostridge


Vera Brittain and the First World War – The Story of Testament of Youth, Mark Bostridge


Vera Brittain – A Life, Paul Berry and Mark Bostridge


One Voice – Pacifist Writings from the Second World War,  Vera Brittain


Born 1925, Vera Brittain – a novel 


Honourable Estate, Vera Brittain – a novel


England’s Hour, Vera Brittain – an autobiography 1939-1941


Testament of Experience, Vera Brittain  – the sequel to Testament of Youth


Account Rendered, Vera Brittain – a novel


Testament of a Generation – The Journalism of Vera Brittain and Winifred Holtby, edited by Paul Berry and Alan Bishop


Chronicle of Youth, Great War Diary 1913-1917, Vera Brittain, edited by Alan Bishop


The Cambridge Companion to War Writing, edited by Kate



Not forgotten, Neil Oliver


Great War Fashion, Lucy Adlington


Fighting on the Home Front, the Legacy of Women in World War One, Kate Adie


This is a different sort of post for me; it is a list of books that I used for my recent talk on Vera Brittain and the First World War. This was a woman who did so much more than I had the space and time to cover in my talk, as a feminist and a pacifist during the Second World War. If you are interested in Vera, the book to read is definitely  Testament of Youth. Not an easy read, or a cheerful one, but a real book of determination to survive and flourish despite loss and other challenges.

6 thoughts on “A Vera Brittain Booklist

    1. This is a little rough and really, and not comprehensive. It is just the books I own that I consulted for the talk. I think that of all her writing the Testament is her best. I have not read of all these books recently, and some of my original copies of Testament seem to have disappeared… I must search harder!

  1. Testament of Friendshop is actually my favourite. I know it focuses on Winifred Holtby but it says a lot about Brittain’s development through the years that she and Holtby lived together. I also have a collection of Holtby’s letters which are revealing about their relationship.

    1. My copy of this has disappeared! I do have the rest of them so now I will be keeping an eye open. A friend lent me a copy of Winifred Holtby’s letters which I must look at properly! I didn’t risk taking them with me for display, or my signed copy of “Honourable Estate”.

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