A Gift from Woolworths by Elaine Everest – 1945 – a challenging year for a special group

Friendly memories of a much missed shop, mixed wartime experiences, and a group of tremendously engaging people are all ingredients of a most enjoyable novel. Elaine Everest has repeated her successful formula to produce a lovely book, with people that it is easy to feel interested in and even concerned about throughout the book. Confidently handled and with a clearly developed narrative, this is a saga which delivers on the promise of earlier books in the series. Trauma, grief, and dislike of certain new characters contrasts sharply with those characters that we have been keen to follow through several years of development so far. This could also be enjoyed as a standalone novel which goes far beyond the Christmas feel given to the title and cover. It could truly be enjoyed at any time of the year, as the vast majority of the book deals more with a wedding, marriages challenged and work attempted. This is a novel set during 1945, so this a tricky time when the end of the War seems possible, but still far off as regards the danger to loved ones. I was really pleased to be given the opportunity to read this book as part of a blog tour, and eager to review it here.

This book opens with a Prologue in set in December 1945, and features Betty, a much loved character in the series. Despite how the previous book finished, with her seemingly living an ideal life at last, in this brief section she seems distracted and discontented. It will take most of the novel to find out why, and what happens to her and those she most loves. As the book begins properly in February 1945, Sarah is in labour with a baby and struggling. As her friends Maisie, mother in law Maureen and others gather to help, there is a gentle reminder of what has happened to some characters during the preceding books. Ruby, Sarah’s grandmother, is very present as she prepares for her special day promised for so long. As the last air raid warnings sound and bombs fall, the cast of characters realise that there are still dangers to themselves and their loved ones. There is bravery and loss still to contend with as the last few months of the War proceed, as the much loved children of various characters play and grow and demand attention. The mark of a good book is that the reader almost audibly cheers, sighs and generally reacts strongly when the cruel or nasty characters are dealt with, especially when achieved as cleverly as here. A cheating man is humiliated, a thoroughly dislikeable character comprehensively dealt with as part of a joint effort, and justice is meted out. Someone who threatens part of Maisie’s family appears, and cannot easily dismissed, and as may be predicted there is at least one birth which will cause problems. Alongside all the challenges and joys, difficulties and misunderstandings, Woolworths is a character, with all the demands of selling rare everyday goods to be met.

This is a clever book, which shows so well the skills of writing really engaging stories and well worked out themes. Every character, however minor, is rounded and developed, consistently drawn and identified. I really enjoyed this book, which in a way is a quick read, but one which I was not eager to finish as I was enjoying it so much. I can thoroughly recommend this as a book to lap up at any time, but which seems particularly suited to this time of year.

So this is a very different book from some of those I have reviewed recently!It is definitely not just a book for Christmas, though many would enjoy it and its predecessors as a special present. Going round a Supermarket in the last few days it is so clever how you get the impression that you must buy now in good time for Christmas. Although not a particularly late shopper, I can always seem to think of things that I need. Of course, living in a Vicarage means that we work until Christmas day lunchtime , then sleep! Not for us the Icelandic Book Flood this year…

2 thoughts on “A Gift from Woolworths by Elaine Everest – 1945 – a challenging year for a special group

  1. This does look very well done and a rewarding series to read. I get a bit of an Icelandic Book Flood myself (I also get a flood of posts about it shared on my Facebook, as an Icelandophile bookophile!) as my birthday is in January, so I get two months of lots of book gifts. Currently trying to read everything I was given last Christmas before this one …

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