The Art of Creativity by Susie Pearl – a book to help explore our creative personality in everyday life

The Art of Creativity by Susie Pearl

This is a self help book and more, as it confidently seeks to help the reader to look at their lives and discover time, space and impetus to become the creative person they want to be in new ways. This book goes far beyond encouraging the reader to paint, sing, write or many other forms of personal creativity; it encourages finding the mental space to relax and explore forms of creating which may be new or long abandoned. Thus it is not a book of how to draw, write music or other creative outlets, instead it encourages the reader to find the mental space to attempt something that they may have only dreamed of doing, and to accept when their attempts are not perfect. It encourages playfulness in creativity, discovery and exploration. The author is able to point to a wealth of life experience to inform her advice. She has also got a track record of working with highly successful creative people and lateral thinkers who have included her writing in their output. This is an unusual book in some ways, but immensely encouraging. I was pleased to have the opportunity to read and review it.

This is a well presented little book which encourages the reader to set up a journal with space to write on a daily basis, a practice which it urges in terms of allocating time and space.  This is to be attempted by hand in an actual book, and Pearl suggests five exercises which will help in setting up the journal, such as intentions of what is be achieved and recording creative successes. It also records the benefits of writing in a journal, such as personal healing, better self discipline and improved memory. This is not an appointment diary, but an opportunity to consider intentions for the day. The book itself includes pages in which to record impressions and responses, as well as encouraging writing in the journal itself.  It also looks at the benefits of Mind- Mapping with examples to be followed in drawing a sort of illustration of a project such as writing a novel which may be of particular benefit to writers trying to work out how to begin. The section on Self – Care has interesting points on exercise and napping as well as eating healthily. There is also a useful introduction to meditation, which outlines a basic method which can be attempted. It also provides a useful list of the various types of meditation which would allow further investigation.

The subtitle of this book “7 Powerful Habits to Unlock Your Full Potential” highlights how the various topics included are helpfully set out, though it would also be possible to simply work through this book, absorbing its message that being creative does not require perfection in the eyes of others, but to enable exploration and experimentation by the individual for their own satisfaction and feeling of self worth. It also includes a Further Reading Section which suggests other books which would help the reader to explore particular topics introduced in this helpful book. This is a book of inspiration to explore the creative in all of us in whatever form that may take in a vivid and dedicated way.

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