1,000 posts and not out – books galore!!

1,000 Posts!!

Today is a remarkable day! I post the thousandth post on my blog!

1,000 is a lot of posts by any standard, but they have been written over a ten year plus period. Some years I have not posted many times for various reasons, and I have certainly worked harder on the blog since the end of 2016. From the beginning of the first lockdown I have posted more frequently – for a three month period I posted every day which was a bit demanding. Since then I usually post about five reviews per week. 

Why so many? First, I am offered some books by blog tour organisers, publicists and authors which have a particular date attached. Then I enjoy buying books, even though I cannot see them in shops at the moment, and getting excited about them. I also have so many books in this house that I have been collecting for decades, and rediscovering what is on the shelves is enjoyable. 

I read a lot at any time – as a distraction, as an alternative to sleeping (!) and frankly, because there is nowhere to go at the moment! With the obvious anxiety flying around at the moment, I am reading a lot as a distraction. Once read, I review most books, and as I am reading a lot of books the reviews soon mount up. I find writing and posting gives a structure to the day, and tweeting about it a structure to the following day. 

I like to support authors by posting reviews and mentioning their books on a lot of sites. Each review will be between five and six hundred words at least – some books are easier to write about than others! I like historical fiction from any age, reprinted novels from the twentieth century, romance, and non gory crime. I have certain favourites – mentioning no names of particular authors because I will leave people out. I will always look for new Persephone books, British Library series, and Dean Street Press, especially their Furrowed Middlebrow series. I enjoy series of books – my favourite being the Barsetshire series by Angela Thirkell (I mentioned an author!) Female detectives from the twentieth century are another favourite, and happily there are quite a multitude of series with plenty of books. I also enjoy sagas, which generally feature strong women finding against the odds. Books set in the Second World War are also a favourite, both fiction and non- fiction. Thinking about it, I just love books of many, many kinds…

A lot of my older posts also have a short piece about life in the Vicarage, theatre visits and so on. These are not so common in the most recent ones due to staying in the house and watching too much television being my chief occupations, and not very exciting! 

I enjoy online conversations with authors and publicists, publishers and blog tour organisers. Thank you for your generosity and patience. 

For the statistically minded – My first post was on “The House of Orphans” by Helen Dunmore, 8th July 2010. My most popular post has been “The Stranger from the Sea” by Winston Graham 1,574 views.

My family put up with my reviewing, book buying and piles of books everywhere, especially my long suffering husband Northernvicar! My daughter enjoys reading some of my collection, my son helps with the technical things, and my husband remembers his librarian training – so it can be a family effort!

If you are reading this post after many other northernreader posts, I hope I have offered you a good range of reading inspiration. If you are a follower/subscriber, thank you and well done for putting up with my frequent emails. If you are new to northernreader, I hope you will be back. Here’s to the next 1,000 posts!  

33 thoughts on “1,000 posts and not out – books galore!!

  1. Congratulations!
    The two pictures made me smile. The first suggests a very tidy and organized person. The second … not so much.

    1. The British Library books were organised by a friend who put them in order of year of publication! That was a while ago – the horizontal ones were shoved on by me as I reviewed them! My son would point out that I have a fairly good idea where each book is, believe it or not! (I can usually narrow it down to a room…)

  2. Congratulations! The first thing me eyes were drawn to was your collection of British Library Crime Classics. I haven’t read very much Thirkell yet but I enjoyed the ones I read so far. Also one by her brother Denis Mackail was great fun.
    Congratulations once again and looking forward to reading your future posts as well.

    1. Thank you!I I was so pleased when Virago reprinted many of the Thirkell books – while I enjoyed tracking the old editions down it was quite an undertaking. Was the Denis Mackail the one reprinted by Persephone? I think I found a biography by him but heaven only knows where that is!
      I hope you keep enjoying the posts!

      1. Thanks. I think the Persephone one was Greenery Street which I am yet to read. The one I read was Romance to the Rescue which was almost wodehousian

  3. Well done, and I love your book table! I have to be a bit selective in which of your reviews I read as I follow a lot of blogs and get so behind, but we have quite a large overlap of interests (esp publisher-wise!) and as you know I save a lot of your reviews because they’re for books I will come to in time! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes I feel that I spend a lot of time balancing books (in all senses!). I seem to get to some books quickly – especially from some publishers – while others wait around a bit for my attention. It feels a bit haphazard, but I try to be positive and enjoy the reading!

  4. This is so interesting, Joules, as it’s obvious these things do not write themselves and I’ve always wondered how you find the time. 1,000 is a real landmark! Your mention (I mean “name-check”, don’t I) of Angela Thirkell comes right after a new biography of her by Anne Hall has been published, ahead of the scheduled date of 15 March. It’s probably harder to get people interested in biographies? Certainly I tend not to re-read them as I do with novels. Exceptions have been Dornford Yates, Dorothy L. Sayers (a mysterious woman) and Beatrix Potter.

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