100 and not out! A Century of Book Reviews in 2021

100 not out – a century of book reviews in 2021

Today I am posting a celebration of one hundred book reviews in 2021 so far – more or less! That is a lot of books, with a lot more to come I hope. Yes, for those who ask, I read a lot of books at the moment, and I have a pile of books that I have read ready to write a review as and when I have a day to fill!

The two photos illustrate just two of the shelves in the house. One features Dean Street Press books – their crime novels (especially by Christopher Bush) and some of the Furrowed Middlebrow titles, being reprinted women writers of the twentieth century. My collection of Slightly Foxed Quarterly Magazines fill another shelf, and on the bottom shelf three Folio sets, by Anthony Trollope (the Barsetshire books) five books by Dorothy L Sayers and a complete Jane Austin set. The other photo is of my British Library Crime Classics – altogether quite a lot of reading!

Some of the books I have read for book tours have taken me to some interesting places through the power of fiction – Cornwall, London in the Regency, Victorian and Sherlock periods, and of course the Second World War in London, Hull and France. I have tackled family history, autobiography and even interior decoration!

Apart from reviewing I have also had a go at courses – George Eliot featuring the wonderful Middlemarch and some prize winning novels of the 2010s. I even listened to some high powered lectures on Bleak House and Hamlet. So many online events have been fascinating – and of course accessible even for me, so they have been real highlights.

Now that bookshops have been allowed to open physically I have made a few socially distanced and masked raids, so my book buying has increased – but I am fighting to keep it under control.

Meanwhile the blog tours keep rolling around – though I am having a break from them during a large part of June to allow me to catch up on some non tour books. Here’s to the next 100!

19 thoughts on “100 and not out! A Century of Book Reviews in 2021

  1. This is what keeps us sane, Joules! I am glad to see the same Folio Society edition of some of Dorothy L. Sayer’s better murders as I have been gently working my way through mine this last fortnight. You must sometimes find it a chore to keep posting, but I’m so glad that you do.

    1. Thank you! I must admit there are times when I seem to be writing reviews in my sleep – though I hope that they read better than that! The DLS selection is lovely, and they are beautiful editions to read. My husband earned many brownie points with that present.

  2. Goodness me, well done! I do enjoy seeing what you’ve been reading on my Feedly feed even if I just drop in to comment on ones in the areas I read, too. I don’t have a bookshop nearby unfortunately but am itching to get into the Oxfam Books on the high street to get at what people have donated recently!

    1. Your comments are always welcome – we seem to coincide on many books! If my spies are correct, some Oxfam shops are overflowing with donations so you should find some interesting reads!

  3. That’s a phenomenal achievement. I struggle to write reviews and don’t read anywhere near as many books as you do.
    Middlemarch is my favourite book of all time so I’m curious about the course you took. Who was that with?

    1. The George Eliot course was with Lifelong Learning at York. More to the point “Literature Cambridge” is doing a Saturday evening lecture on Middlemarch on 30th October. I did my Bleak House and Hamlet sessions with them – high powered and very challenging. I think you would enjoy it!

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