A Bookshop Tour on Four Wheels – The Borzoi Bookshop

An Occasional Bookshop Tour on Four Wheels -The Borzoi Bookshop 

Some of you may know that I am a wheelchair user who loves visiting bookshops. A lot of the books I review on this blog are sent to me by Publishers and Authors, Organisers of virtual tours and Publicists. Like many other reviewers I also buy a lot of books, and where better than independent bookshops? My problem can be that access to bookshops is often challenging, with steps, narrow doorways, or in pre virus times especially, overcrowded interiors that meant that exploring the stock on offer was difficult if not impossible. 

Happily I have found some shops that have made every effort to make access as easy as possible, and I have decided to celebrate them in posts that are in no particular order at this stage. There are many others I have not got to yet, and I know that some buildings are difficult to improve with the best will in the world, but these bookshops are some that have gone the extra mile. If you have suggestions of bookshops I could visit, do let me know via “Contact Me”, the comments below or twitter (@NorthernReader) and provided they are in Britain, I may well be able to turn up one day! I have floated the idea of producing a list of accessible bookshops at some point, so all ideas are welcome! (Even if I can’t visit, I can always find out more…)

My first bookshop is The Borzoi Bookshop, 1, Digbeth Close, Digbeth Street, Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucester GL54 1BN. Their website is www.borzoibookshop.co.uk. I was in the village for a short while and had not researched the place at all, which made my discovery all the better. The entrance was level, the door reasonably wide and the layout thoughtfully arranged so I could move around with my powered chair. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and willing to move tables if necessary. The stock offered an excellent choice of fiction, non fiction and some delicious new hardbacks all on the sales floor. Needless to say I spent money! It is thoroughly recommended!


7 thoughts on “A Bookshop Tour on Four Wheels – The Borzoi Bookshop

  1. What a great idea to collect a list of accessible bookshops. Now this one isn’t too far from me (maybe 90 minutes) so I’m wondering if I can find an excuse to visit because that window display has me entranced.

  2. What an interesting and excellent idea. I think my local indie, the Bookshop on the Green in Bournville, Birmingham, would be accessible as there’s a level entrance, my other favourite, The Edge of the World bookshop in Penzance, Cornwall, is up a steepish pavement but they’re completely lovely so I’m sure they have aids and the actual aisles are wide. High Street Books and Records in High Peak, Derbyshire, is run by a woman who lives with a disability so I’m making an assumption …

    1. Thanks Liz! We have looked up the Bookshop on the Green in Bournville and we are going to try to visit as soon as we get a free day (Being married to a Vicar in a busy wedding season has its moments!) . I’m unlikely to get to Cornwall any time soon – but have made a note to look this one up. High Peak in Derbyshire is a favourite with us, and it is always accessible, once past the gravel on the car parking space. I will try to feature that soon. Thanks for the ideas!

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