Book Shop Tour on Four Wheels – High Peak Bookstore, Brierlow Bar, Buxton

High Peak Bookstore – Book Tour on Four Wheels 

Brierlow Bar, Buxton, SK17 9PY

One of the most local accessible bookshops to where we live is almost a barn (I think it may have been called a bookbarn originally) which is packed with books. The car park (the advantage of being in the middle of the countryside) is gravel covered, with a few spaces being reserved for disabled customers. The entrance is wide and flat with a slope. All of the areas are accessible within the shop, including the lower room, the children’s room and the excellent cafe. 

The books are remaindered and all new, which means that there are many surprises to be found within the huge selection of fiction, non fiction and everything else. There are huge art books, local books (which are full price), craft books, history, literature , politics, travel as well as fiction which includes a large selection of crime novels. Most are paperbacks, but there are also some hardbacks and even audio books to be found, as well as classics. It is best to go with an open mind, but as virtually all the books are at discounted prices I would be confident that you would find many things to buy. It is well worth a visit!

The website is and it says:

High Peak Bookstore & Café is the perfect place to spend a relaxing few hours, browsing an extensive and eclectic selection of books, choosing a card or gift and enjoying homemade food with locally roasted coffee. The majority of our books are less than half their original price, all are brand new and offer excellent value for money.

The opening times are Monday – Saturday 9.30 – 5.30, Sunday 10.30 – 5.00

Call 01298 71017

It’s a great way to spend a few hours!

2 thoughts on “Book Shop Tour on Four Wheels – High Peak Bookstore, Brierlow Bar, Buxton

    1. it is a wonderful place. I picked up quite a few contemporary romance novels this time, but I have been known to buy entire historical crime series and I noticed this time that they had a lot of Ann Cleves. Kathy Reichs books seem to dominate one of the pictures above. Northernvicar normally goes straight to the cafe, but on this occassion he found some big books to buy! The cafe is excellent as well.

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