Bookshop Tour on Four Wheels – Kenilworth Books

Bookshop Tour on Four Wheels – Kenilworth Books

After hearing about Kenilworth Books on twitter, and being assured that it was accessible, we finally managed to get there! Kenilworth has many shops that I could get into, I’m glad to say, on the high street. Kenilworth Books was accessible for myself and Morgan, my trusty powerchair, as well as children, dogs and everyone else! I could get around the shop well, and it had a good selection of both recent books and older titles. With cards and other gifts available, there was certainly a lot to look at, especially with a good number of signed editions and offers. Their website is here and it has a wealth of information about what they offer. They are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  I have also included lots of photos!

01926 855784  9:00am – 5:30pm Mon to Sat

Visit Us

Kenilworth Books

12 Talisman Square,




4 thoughts on “Bookshop Tour on Four Wheels – Kenilworth Books

  1. Oh, welcome to Kenilworth, Joules! I live in Coventry but sometimes shop in Kenilworth and this is one of my favourite places, although I can’t afford to buy many new books. Staff always make sure there is something new to look at and I became a big fan of their hedgehogs, which a lovely person makes as a fund-raiser for a hedgehog rescue centre. Super range of greetings cards and as you say it is easily accessible for people shopping in the town centre. They also had authors autographing their books before the pandemic so I discovered a new local writer.

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