Bookshop Tour on Four Wheels – The Tree House Bookshop, Kenilworth

Bookshop Tour on Four Wheels – The Tree House Bookshop

A real find in Kenilworth was The Tree House Bookshop. It was accessible for Morgan, my trusty powerchair, even though apparently one of the doors was giving some problems. This cosy shop, though accessible inside, has an actual treehouse inside – though I did not take the opportunity to climb inside! It sells second – hand books on a not for profit basis, with donations of stock welcomed. This means that the prices are low even for special books, and are affordable for all. They are well ordered (fiction by authors alphabetically etc) and there was even a small selection of Virago green books. The non fiction section was also well arranged, and I could navigate between the shelves pretty well (for a busy second hand shop anyway!). Its tagline is “Bringing people together through the arts” and it is a music venue in normal times. Profits are ploughed back into the shop, and a local, national and international charity supported. It came over a friendly shop with a lot of stock and a real community feel.

It has a website/ blog with more information and regular posts 

4 The Square



Monday-Saturday, 10:00-17:00

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10 thoughts on “Bookshop Tour on Four Wheels – The Tree House Bookshop, Kenilworth

  1. This is a real treasure house, Joules, so glad you found it. I agree that you ought to collect all these reports together. I wish somebody could do the same for libraries, but they would have to be wealthy as well as indefatigable as there is no obvious commercial advantage to anyone!

    1. Thanks! I have actually got to put them together in the short term – for a talk I’m doing in January! I certainly would like to thing they could be a resource for people to use – there are accessible bookshops out there – it’s just finding them. I always welcome recommendations. I have discovered Gladstone’s Library which is accessible, even the accomodation,but I must admit I have not been to a local library for some time.

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