Clayhanger by Arnold Bennett at Shiny New Books!

Today I am reviewing Clayhanger by Arnold Bennett and revealing Five Fascinating facts about him at Shiny New Books!

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In this edition of Shiny new books I review a reprint of Clayhanger as an immersive book of family  and one man’s progress through life in a Midlands industrial town. Five Fascinating Facts about Arnold Bennett also recalls some little gems I discovered on a recent visit to the Potteries museum in Stoke on Trent. If you are a Bargain Hunt or antique programme fan I would recommend it!

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I was fortunate enough to go when they had an exhibition about Arnold Bennett and his paintings, but their permanent exhibitions are very interesting and family friendly. They sold quite a range of his books in the shop, which is great as when I visit an author – associated site, I love being able to buy a book by that author. Of course, reading it takes a little longer!

Image result for Pretty lady bennett Here is one of that I bought. My review to follow… sometime.  Meanwhile, here is a link to an interesting site which I have not read in detail, but reviews this book in great depth!

I have also got a box of books from the wonderful Dean Street Press, so that I can study their backlist of Crime Classics! Look out for more (fictional, Golden Age) murder from the Vicarage!

Shiny New Books review – Anna of the Five Towns by Arnold Bennett

Over on Shiny New Books this very day, my review of Anna of the Five Towns by Arnold Bennett. I thought that it was a really memorable book, written very much from Anna’s point of view as she negotiates life with a difficult father. There are some great descriptions of life in an industrial town, for women as well as men, in the early twentieth century. It is quite an emotional book, but very involving in its elements of hope and romance. I enjoyed rediscovering this writer, and getting his view of twentieth century (ish) life.