A Stolen Knight’s Kiss by Melissa Oliver – a medieval romance with many secrets and missions

A Stolen Knight’s Kiss by Melissa Oliver

Set in a medieval world of secret missions, London life on the streets and an unshakable loyalty to others and the King, this exciting story of a man and a surprising woman sweeps through an entertaining romance. In 1227 Nicholas D’Amberly is on mission to obtain a secret document that will reveal secrets that are vital to his sworn duty to the rulers of state. Meanwhile Eva is desperate to survive on the streets of a dangerous city having lost her protector and knows that she must make a new start in order to be safe. When the two encounter each other in a surprising and dramatic way, neither fully understands what their relationship could be, and how the tasks that they assume will be fraught with deceit and danger. This is a well-paced book that conveys how instant attraction despite everything can change lives, even when fighting to survive.

Featuring strong characters with real depth, this is an absorbing tale of exciting twists and turns, secrets and deceit set in a world of risk and intrigue. The historical context is well drawn, with the small details of food, furnishing and clothing revealing thorough research and an understanding of the period, used skilfully to create a fascinating setting for the story. The two main protagonists have much to share, yet each have every reason to be suspicious of the other as their aims and backgrounds clash. This book is part of a trilogy, but it stands alone as I enjoyed the idea behind the novel. I found this a fascinating book and was pleased to have the opportunity to read and review it.

As the book begins Nicholas is in an inn in Southwark. A member of the secret group “The Knight’s Fortitude”, he has just acquired a secret document from dubious sources to inform their mission. Seeing a young woman being accosted, he goes to help her, only to discover that the pouch he kept the document and his most precious possession in has gone missing. He sets off in pursuit of the suspect, only to discover that he is on the trail of a young lad in the company of the distracting female. It is only when he finally catches up with them that he discovers that the youth is in fact a young woman. It transpires that Eva has been given a task of her own; to steal the very document that Nicholas so prized. She hopes that it will yield enough money to set herself and her companion Marguerite up in a safe place. She has reckoned without Nicholas and his determination to retrieve that which was stolen from him, and he will do anything to get it back. After they have been brought together by a dangerous incident, they begin to discover more about each other and there is a deep mutual attraction. Their relationship quickly becomes very special, but they know that circumstances will dictate that they cannot stay together. The intensity of their situation means that their time together is precious, yet can they really succeed against the odds?

This is an absorbing and entertaining book which reveals a lot about life in the period and the relationship between women and men. As Eva is so used to dressing as a boy, she finds that the prospect of returning to life as a woman a challenge, especially as she believes that Nicholas may be connected with the death of the most important person in her life. This is a fascinating book with the large element of romance which I enjoyed.