The Daughter’s Choice by S.D. Robertson – the certainties of a life challenged

The Daughter’s Choice by S.D. Robertson 

A contemporary story of secrets, some lies, and surprises, the choices that Rose is given the opportunity to make go right to the heart of her life, past, present and future. When a stranger suggests that they exchange life stories Rose is honest, perhaps to a fault, and the reader can only wonder at her innocent disclosures. In the background of a luxury spa, Rose and the mysterious Cassie have met seemingly by chance, and have the opportunity to chat uninterrupted for a long period of time. As relaxation is the order of the day, the two women have the ideal setting for confidences, and Rose’s story is so detailed as to make for a large portion of the novel. 

This is a vivid story of a young woman’s life. The writing draws the reader in and maintains their interest. It is perhaps the intriguing story of a devoted father who has managed to bring up his daughter from a baby to young adulthood while maintaining a good relationship with her. Indeed, her only difficulty has been in his lack of enthusiasm for Ryan who Rose sees as the love of her life. As she recalls her life with her father, she is so positive about their relationship, how close they have always been, and she marvels at his ability to commit himself to her. This is such a skillfully written book which succeeds as a life story and so much more in such a readable way, and establishes at least two of the characters very well. I was pleased to have the opportunity to read and review this special book. 

The book begins with a mysterious person watching two younger women arriving at a spa hotel. She knows that for one of them their evident happiness will be changed forever, and she has plans to gently impress herself on their memory. Cara is introduced as Rose’s best friend from childhood, and it is obvious that they know each other very well, despite some minor separations. She is to be Rose’s maid of honour and it appears that they have been excitedly planning the wedding for a long time. When she is mysteriously called away it leaves Rose a little vulnerable, especially when she doesn’t have much experience of spa experiences. Cassie approaches her, they jointly comment on other people using the facilities, and soon a bond between them is established. Rose is open and tells of many secrets, the confusion she has long felt about her mother who died when she was a baby, the absence of any photographs of her mysterious missing parent, her father’s choices to make bespoke furniture rather than have to work. It is evident that she comes from comfortable circumstances; her father wrote a globally successful novel when very young and her grandfather invested wisely so both her father and now widowed grandmother can afford to follow their choices without earning their living. Rose was encouraged to follow her choice of degree at university with little thought of an eventual career, and her preparations for her imminent wedding have taken over her life. Ryan has been her boyfriend for so long that all she wants is to marry him and spend time discovering what their life will be like together. Sharing her story with Cassie may seem strange, but she is so confident of her father’s devotion and Ryan’s love that she is happy to share.

This is such a well written book that it is a real treat to read it. The author has given herself time and space to reveal so much about her characters in a meaningful way. I recommend this book to those who enjoy a gentle read with some well timed surprises.