Choc – lit …and popcorn moments

The dearth of posts recently has happened for a reason …too many cinema visits! Well, two actually. Last week with assorted (grown up) children to see Toy Story 3.  Very good, probably better than No. 2. And I wasn’t the only one in tears at the end! Overall, a good film if you like animated stuff. And my second visit to the cinema inside a week was to see…Karate Kid! Yes, rather predictable, but with some funny moments. And Jackie Chan was well worth watching, even if you are not a fan of martial arts films. I have banned children’s nurse daughter from seeing it on the basis of her being tempted to diagnose injuries throughout…Happy Birthday, by the way.

And the book that just makes you want to go and eat chocolate, and the expensive type at that? Chocolate Wishes by Trisha Ashley is not great literature – simply a quick read aimed at the female of the species with a predictable outcome. Having said that, Ashley doesn’t give herself the easiest time juggling white witchcraft, dysfunctional families and a chocolate making business. The other ingredient is a vicar with romance on his mind…well, what else in an English village. This is definitely a guilty pleasure book which doesn’t actually make you put weight on, unless you succumb to the search for the perfect chocolate feast. It will not win any awards and its literary merit is negligible, but who said that every book we read has to be a worthy struggle? After all, I am the person for whom a very knowing friend bought a mug inscribed “Chocolate is for Life, not just for Easter.” So this book does tick boxes, presenting a picture of life in an atypical village with atypical characters, but also throwing in a few wry comments about a young woman’s interests, passions and her painful realisation that her parents are always going to let her down.  So read, enjoy, and go easy on the chocolate!